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Administrative Assistant Wanted!

Build On Administrative Experience Now! Flex & Upgrade Digital & Social Skills!

Position would, with our assistance & direction, take the lead on enacting digital presences for GZP Uganda & Anfield Kasambya Primary school;

  1. Learn, use & plan social media posting schedule.

  2. Learn, plan for & use Google GSuite in working with administration documents for GZP main organization &

  3. Learn, plan for & use Google Apps in working with administration documents for

  4. Learn, use and organize online digital services to develop & share, keyword & description documents, a file storage plan, a file naming plan & a username plan for GZP & Anfield Primary

  5. Assist with documenting GZP business plan digitization and development.

  6. Create Newsletter & Blog article plan & posting schedule calendar.

  7. Automate social media posting.

  8. Management of anything shared with anyone.

We start at the beginning and build a filing & naming plan and then update plans as we go. We let the organization continue to grow naturally from then on.

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