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Announce Uganda Businesses To The World

#Hashtag To Show Number Of Business & Desire For FAST Shipping & Credit Card Processing AND Access To Buying Google Apps Or Gift Cards
Lion Roaring Announce Your Uganda Business To The World #BasedInUganda
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No Access, Or, Very Difficult Access To Google App Store

With very few credit cards or systems available to the Ugandan economy and Uganda citizens it is difficult to purchase apps in the various app stores. Google Play "gift cards" are country specific and do not support Uganda for redemption or purchase.

#BasedInUganda URL in a QR Barcode

Scan this image with a barcode scanner app on your Android mobile device. 

Scan this code: Get a scanner/creator app for Android

Direct download to your device NOW from

Make your own QR Codes from your mobile for contacts, website addresses, calendar events, WiFi network settings, Phone Number, SMS, email, Geo Location from maps and so much more. Free with No Ads

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QR-GPS Plugin app to make QR Codes from your mobile GPS location.
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Without an effective postal system to utilize and participate in the global Postal Code Systems created in cooperation with Google Maps API Uganda and much of Africa will be left behind and struggling to do business in the world. Effective courier and postal systems rely on effective Geo located addresses though postal codes.

Posta Uganda has done an admiral job providing service to date, although, needs effective systems to take advantage of already completed postal code systems for Uganda though NAC Geographic products Inc which is unifying all address systems, all postal code systems, all area code systems, all geographic coordinate systems, all map grid systems and all property identifying systems in the world!

See what your Uganda postal code is on the global systems HERE NOW!

No Postal Codes Slow Postal Service No Global Couriers

Africa is a fast growing economy of near a billion people. Uganda is a fast growing economy. We shall show our businesses variety and numbers with #BasedInUganda to convince our President Yoweri K Museven to support implementation of  Global Postal Codes & development of Payment Processing businesses. Will you stand with us?

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Ugandans Get's No Respect Online. That changes now!

With a lack of support for Uganda by the likes of PayPal, Stripe Or Square Ugandans with businesses struggle to get online and are blocked, from doing business easily and afford-ably, or even at all, from ecommerce payment processing solutions.

"Made in Africa," ecommerce solutions such as or solutions are being developed though not finished and require developers and support various popular software to go throughout Africa and into Uganda or the world.

No PayPal No Affordable eCommerce
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