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Ground ZERO Project History & Leadership

History of GZP Uganda

Leadership Structure of GZP Uganda

Ground Zero Project (GZP) was first/initialy formed as a youth and womens group in August, 2008, by a few women and youth of Kabale District who saw the need to pool their saving together to alleviate poverty, eliminate violence against rural women, eliminate harmful practices among the women and youth. GZP developed into a system for providing revolving fund training in busines and to expand existing micro-projects.

Ground Zero project is an organization composed of youth and women members from Kabale Districts. It has a General Assembly composed of all its members, which sits once every year and it is the supreme organ of the organization.

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors (B.O.D) which is responsible for all affairs as regards supervision, policies and administration of the organization.

Head Office of GZP Uganda

Membership of GZP Uganda

The organization’s head office acts as the administrative arm of the organization and is mandated to manage and implement the day to day activities of GZP. It coordinates the activities of the organization, disseminates information to members to keep them updated of any development in the organization.

GZP’s membership is made of youth and women’s small groups focusing on improving the status of the youth, women and promoting equality and equity. GZP’s membership are groups formed and led by women and youth at all levels.

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