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How To Help GZP Uganda

Contribute Your Time or Your Funds & Your Love

I think  you know now that poor people have dreams like all of us do. They can be trusted, like you can be trusted. Give them little money to start. No amount is too small which cannot be welcomed by GZP because we believe that collecting one stick at a time makes a bundle that makes a fire. Thus your contribution however small will have a great impact on lives of the people here in Uganda.

Stop wanting to help and start helping! We cannot do without your help support to get these people on the road to independence. Many hands make light work!

There are several ways in which you can support the work of GZP Uganda

Make a Donation to celebrate the life of loved one such as a mother, friend, godmother/father, sister, brother or in their memory if they have passed away.

  • Giving a one time , monthly or yearly donation toward a specific issue close to your heart, i.e Orphans and widow's education, economic empowerment of the widow's, combating HIV/AIDS, women and youth living in poverty, rural development  and or providing information on possible sources of funding. To make  contributions in cash and gifts , head over  to our Donation pages

  • Donate funds for the construction and operations of a schoolhouse for the orphans and children of the Village of Lwengo.

  • You can donate to our general funds to empower the organization to build programs to increase education, health & welfare, as well as, provides opportunities for the adults to learn how to earn for themselves.

  • You could sponsor an orphan. To support an orphan go to our "Sponsor an Orphan" page.

  • Fundraising for GZP Uganda

  • Volunteer to work with GZP Uganda for specific time. To volunteer visit our'' Volunteering page''.

  • If you have no funds available we appreciate your support through subscribing to our newsletter etc the more of a crowd we make the more of an impression we make on the world. Please visit, share and support our social media efforts we truly do gather strength from your support efforts no matter how small they may be.


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