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  • Mugerwa Umaru

Jobs Are Looking For Skills Not Transcripts

How can you overcome unemployment/ underemployment. There are many ways you can get into earning a better living. One of the ways is trying to not over rely on the degree or diploma you have. Instead, try to acquire skills that are relevant in your target job market setting. It is just not enough to be proud of your BA - BIT, BA - SWASA etc.

"Go back and look out for skills that can help you get a job or start one."

For example, with a BA in IT, you can burn some few months and acquire skills in

3D Animation, Video & Audio Editing, CAD and even computerized phone repair. With such skills, you can easily find a job or start one.

It is not a must that you have to do what you learned in school, in Uganda's case, you can only do what is available provided you have required skills. So, go back and get those skills

#CandleMaking #BusinessBuilding

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