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Making Millions UGX every week from just packaging Ginger Powder!

Ginger Root for Agro Processing

Agro Processing - Value Addition Here is what a Farmer loses by not adding value to his/ her produce. Take a look at

Ginger. Ginger Feasibility: Weekly Production Target 2,000kg of Fresh Ginger Fresh Ginger: Fresh Ginger 2,000kg At the current market price, a kilo of fresh ginger goes for UgX 2,000.00. Therefore, the above 2,000kg will cost you UgX 4,000,000.00 Drying: In a solar dryer, the stuff will take up to three days to dry. On drying, the above will reduce by 65% thus remaining 700kg of dry Ginger Milling: If you do not own a milling machine, you can take the quantities to Mengo – Kisenyi for milling. UgX 250.00 is charged per kilo of the produce you have. 700kg X 250.00 = 175,000.00 Packaging: We assume that we shall be packing in 100g Plastic Jars. For the 700,000 grams we have, we shall require 7,000 Plastic Jars. Each 100g plastic jar goes for UgX 325.00 thus requiring UgX 2,275,000.00 Labels: We shall require 7,000 labels. On average, each label goes for UgX 150.00 thus totaling to UgX 1,050,000.00 Cartons: In each carton, we shall pack 2 dozens of 100g jar powder ginger. For the above consignment, we shall require 584 empty cartons. Each carton costs UgX 1,200.00 thus coming to UgX 700.800.00. Labourers: We assume that the Project will employ; - 3 persons (Labourers) and - One Supervisor cum Quality Assurance manager. - One Marketing Manager Other Misc Costs: Transport: We assume an average of UgX 250,000.00 Assorted Misc Costs: We estimate to use UgX 300,000.00 on costs such as cello-tapes, eats etc. Total input 8,750,800.00 Cost of Production per jar UgX 1,250.00 Outcome: Current Retail Prices for 100g Dry Ginger Powder Jars UgX 5000.00 Our projected wholesale price per jar UgX 3,000.00 Projected outcome UgX 21,000,000.00 Profits: 12,249,200.00 NB: Currently the market of Dry Ginger Powder is filled by brands from Heat Company in Kenya. Moreover they many times get the fresh Ginger from Kampala. Why can't you pick up this project? Thinks about it. To start at this level above, you require at least UgX 10,000,000/- but you can contact us to see how you can start with less than that. 0700564282

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