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Lessons In Learning To Be Kind #2

3rd World Based Charities Are Challenging To Work With In 1st World

Being part of a non-profit org that is based out of Uganda can be and IS very challenging for many reasons. One of the largest reasons is that Uganda is not a prosperous enough of a place that the large internet companies take it seriously and invest in even listing them or supporting them for services such as PayPal, Google Apps (G-Suite) etc etc. Did I mention there are no postal/Zip codes?

The Catch 22 Of The Whole Situation

Mobile Screen Grab GZP Uganda Doors & Windows Crowd Fund Page

We Need To Raise Funds If We Raise Funds Traditionally We Lose Control of The Direction Of The Organisation To A First World Charitable Corporation

Mugerwa Umaru started this organisation way back in 2008 and the org is based in Uganda so it can give no tax receipts to gain the support of corporations. If the organisation tries to set up a branch in say Canada or the US then under the tax laws the new branch becomes the controller or director of any funds it provides. Seems reasonable eh? Except the people of that org are not in the 3rd world country so how do they actually know what is possible and actually needed in the 3rd world? When we can build a school for less than the cost of a trip for a couple of the administrators to visit I have to ask "Why we need to fund raise for jet setting?"

Mobile Screen Grab "Donation in Handyman Reality account name"

Donation Forms Go To Webmasters Personal Business PayPal Account

Donations will appear on YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT as "PayPal * Handyman Reality." If you really cannot trust this happening then we need you to not fill in the form and to have you go to a Western Union location or online and directly wire the money yourself. Be prepared for them to ask some invasive questions.

STEP 1 Address Wire to:

Mugerwa Umaru Bamwanga Uganda

STEP 2 (Super Important) mail, messenger or text MTCN # to: +256 775 306 147

One More Example Of "Sorry Uganda Is Not Supported"

Mobile Screen Grab WaveApps no support Uganda

Thank You For Reading This Far And Thank You For Your Kind Support

At GZP Uganda we are very grateful and appreciate any and all support or friendship you can provide so that we can help either the economy in Kabale and Lwengo as well as help the young and needy orphan children of the village of Lwengo to grow up to lead full and happy lives.

SEE Article one in the saga here

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