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Secure Doors & Windows Fully Funded & Installed

Anfield Kasambya Doors & Windows Fully Funded

Many Thanks To Our Generous Anonymous Donor

We are happy to announce that secure doors & windows have been fully funded by a generous anonymous donor and the doors and windows have now been supplied and installed in "Anfield Primary School Kasambya" for the needy children and orphans of the #BasedInUganda village of Lwengo.

Secure Doors & Windows Being Installed in Schoolhouse

New secure steel windows for Anfield Primary School Kasambya

The Fund Raising Must Continue

2nd Round of Desks Needed & Floor Slab Funds Needed

Now that the doors and windows are complete we are working on raising the funds to complete both the floor and the second half of the desks to be constructed.

Please donate now! Or, share our school house construction page!

#SchoolBuilding #SchoolHouseProgress

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