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Ground ZERO Project Programs & Activities

WOMEN and YOUTH in Africa, Uganda inclusive, are an economically disadvantaged group and rural women in particular are more economically disadvantaged. And the poor rural women are the most economically disadvantaged.

GZP provides basic training skills in women and youth literacy and credit extension so that marginalized women and youth can create or expand Macro Business they plan and manage themselves to generate income for their families at house hold level.

The capacity building and revolving fund program is based on the assumption that these women and youth already have the capability and ingenuity (business idea) to create viable micro enterprises. 

With the GZP startup capital and training, they can make this potential a reality. The GZP revolving fund programme also emphasizes strengthening business skills so that entrepreneurs are better equipped to sustain and expand their micro businesses.


GZP funds businesses which are based on products or services that people know how to make or do for which they are local market. In this regard, girls need to be connected to opportunities and channels as well as be empowered with life skills for self esteem so as to take control of the future lives and be provided with environment that will enable them to discover and enhance their potentials for a better future.

Channels for exploiting their futures include access to educate and training, providing space and enabling environmental especially decent work to earn living, eliminating discrimination of all forms against girls, including zero tolerance for sexual harassment and abuse in the homes, communities, school and at all work place.

Partnership Opportunities Are Welcome For
  • Community Development Projects

  • Environmental Protection Projects

  • Revolving fund programme

  • Adult Literacy and Functional Literacy

  • Training and Empowerment

  • Primary Health Care Programs

  • Capacity building in Business Skills Management

  • Women’s Human Right and peace building

  • Gender sensitization and Advocacy

  • Art and craft

  • Barking


Please feel free to utilize our Contact Us link for partnership opportunity proposals

Organizational Programs at GZP

Currently, Ground Zero Project (GZP) supports four main programs in Kabale Uganda: the Educational Support Program, the Family Empowerment Program, the Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS Program and the Information, Education, Communication and Advocacy Program.  

GZP Also supports the building of a school house for the needy children and orphans of the nearby village of Lwengo.

Family Empowerment Program

This program helps families affected by HIV/AIDS and those not affected to improve their socioeconomic status and access HIV/AIDS services. Through counseling, social support and education, GZP equips families and the youth with the socioeconomic skills necessary for economic development, including business planning, micro-financial and management skills, and helps HIV-affected families access HIV/AIDS services, including testing and treatment for opportunistic infections.

Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS Program

This program provides families affected by HIV/AIDS with access to information and treatment support. Specifically, GZP enables HIV+ Youth and women to access highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART), food supplements, routine medical treatment, and counseling in an effort to help these children and youth cope with their disease and lead happy, productive lives. In addition, this program also provides support to HIV+ women through counseling, guidance and treatment services, as well as sexual and reproductive health education to adolescents.

Educational Support Program

Ground Zero Project (GZP). Provides older children enrolled in our program with access to secondary education and vocational training. In addition to providing primary and secondary education, GZP also supports orphans who are staying with their ground mothers through free excess to life skill training
Information, Education, Communication and Advocacy Program
Under this program, GZP has set up both women and youth Drama group with a music and cultural dance troupe comprised of women and youth enrolled in our programs in Kabale. Through theater, music, dance and drama, these young people aim to raise global awareness of the effects of HIV/AIDS on children and youth in rural and urban areas in Kabale District. And advocate for international assistance to end the devastating effects of AIDS on the youth.

Non Formal Skills Training Programs

Ground Zero Project is taking read to foster community development through trainings in small scale industries. In this regard, women and youth need to be connected to opportunities and channels as well as be empowered with life skills for self-esteem so as to take control of their future lives and be provided with the environment that will enable them to discover and enhance their potentials for a better future.
General objective: To turn women and youth of Kabale into a productive society irrespective of education, background, gender ethnicity and religion in order to eliminate poverty eradication through cottage industries activities.

Village of Lwengo Needy Children and Orphans Project

Ground ZERO Project Uganda is currently championing the building of a 5 room schoolhouse in the village of Lwengo for needy children and orphans. Visit our project page here. Feel free to donate directly to the schoolhouse development here. We thank you for your support and good wishes for the children and orphans of Lwengo.

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