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Lwengo District School Building Project  GZP Uganda

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Lwengo Needy Children and Orphan Project
Anfield Kasambya Primary School
Anfield Kasambya Primary School

Official Uganda "Ministry of Education & Sport" EMIS Code Delegation for Anfield Kasambya Primary School & Nursery in the district of Lwengo Uganda Africa

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Anfield Kasambya Primary School
Anfield Kasambya Primary School

Official Uganda "Ministry of Education & Sport" EMIS Code Delegation for Anfield Kasambya Primary School & Nursery in the district of Lwengo Uganda Africa

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We are funding operations of a pre-primary & primary school for needy children and orphans in Kasambya Village, Lwengo district, near Kampala, Uganda. The school house in Lwengo will replace the existing grass hut school with a brick building having 5 permanent classrooms and 3 temporary class rooms with each class containing 10 group desks for 30 children per class.

Being a non-profit community organisation #BasedInUganda we find fund raising challenging being that our country is not supported by most online services which may be partly due to Uganda not participating in the postal code systems which are used on so many forms online. We hope to change the #DigitalAparthied through our campaign #BasedInUganda.

We may be small we may be limited though we are fierce in our will to accomplish our goals of empowering the people of Kabale and Lwengo Uganda through training and education. Will you help us?

Please help us with our goal of designing a template for Self Sustaining Primary School that supports 25% orphans for the needy and orphaned children of Lwengo by donating to GZP, donating directly to school development onlyVolunteering with GZP, or,  sponsoring a needy orphan for school supplies and development.

Current Anfield Kasambya School Projects 

June 16, 2018 - School Has Opened and 
We continue to work on building up digital devices on the site in an effort to influence phone companies to upgrade towers for GPS locating and Google Maps to update the map of exactly where the school site is located as we have not address to apply to Google Education. We hope to utilise Google Plus Codes for the address in our applications when mobile GPS coverage improves.


We are currently fund raising for many operational needs such as; teacher salaries, office administration process development and for the continued development of our breakfast & lunch meals program (including educational farming onsite).

Due To An Unfortunate Event that took place with the facebook page for the school we are facing a cash donation shortage for teacher payroll this month. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Click Here To Help

Please consider donating directly to the school operations or consider sponsoring an orphan child for school supplies and meals.

NOTE: Yes, the PayPal account is in the name of the webmaster Don Moody from Canada. PayPal contributing to #DigitalAparthied does not currently support #BasedInUganda businesses or charities their site forms are not yet prepared to deal with the lack of a postal code system for addresses in Uganda.


Please contact Mugerwa Umaru by phone directly with the number below, or, through the facebook pages of @LwengoNeedyChildren or @GZPUganda 

Donations will appear on YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT as "PayPal * Handyman Reality."

If you really cannot trust this happening then we need you to NOT fill in the form and to have you go to a Western Union location or online and directly wire the money yourself. Be prepared for them to ask some invasive questions.

Address Wire to:

Mugerwa Umaru Bamwanga

STEP 2 (Super Important)
mail, messenger or text MTCN # to:
+256 775 306 147
(An alias to protect Mugerwa from spam you can always email him direct using his first name and the website domain.)

Rainwater Collector & Fire Stove Are Now Completed!
Please feel free to visit our YouTube channel by selecting of either of the videos directly below. 
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Lwengo Needy Children and Orphans
Mugerwa Umaru Fearless Leader of GZP
Children of Kasambya In School
GZP Uganda & Anfield Kasambya Meals
Lunchtime at Anfield Kasambya
Lwengo Needy Children & Orphans Proj
Lwengo 2017 Christmas Party
Children Having Refreshments
Lwengo Needy children at Lunch
Lwengo children & Orphans get gifts
Lwengo children & orphans say "Hi"
Smiling Lwengo children & orphans
Lwengo children & orphans foot ball
Lwengo needy children and orphans
Lwengo children and orphans at lunch
Football time for Lwengo childrchien
Lwengo Needy Children get Pencils
Smiling Happy Lwengo Children
Lwengo children view school build
Boys love to play football
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